Celebrate the World of Classical Music with the World’s
Most Comprehensive Music Timeline Poster

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The Classical Composers Poster is an extraordinary work of educational art that explores the history of classical music in a large-scale timeline format.

From the mystical songs of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) to the minimalist masterpieces of Steve Reich (1936- ) and Philip Glass (1937- ), the poster chronicles a 1000-year journey that includes some of the most inspired artistic creations of all time.

Featuring color coding, meticulous design, and an encyclopedia’s worth of information, the Classical Composers Poster shows not only which composers lived when, but the names and dates of thousands of compositions, key events in music history, and the place of each composer in the musical firmament.

Whether you’re a longtime classical music fan or a newbie just starting to explore this remarkable world, the Classical Composers Poster is a one-of-a-kind reference tool that opens the door to a universe of musical riches.

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The Classical Composers poster is not only beautiful and historically accurate, but a lovely addition to our office. We’re proud to display it here in Sacramento!
Kris Sinclair, Executive Director, Association of California Symphony Orchestras
The poster is very well thought out and of superior quality. Many thanks also for your prompt despatch and for packing it so thoughtfully–excellent service all round.
Susan Jarrett, Melbourne, Australia
The best Götterdämmerungen poster I’ve ever seen!
Richard Wagner, (1813-1883), Bayreuth, Germany